London – day 253 (J)

Having fallen asleep at 16:00ish I missed dinner. I woke at 01:30 and I waited with anticipation for people to be awake so I could use the microwave and have Roasted Duck & Prawns for breakfast. Let’s face it, I’ve had far worse for breakfast and it was divine.  I nabbed a lift from Narae to the train station and it felt weird getting out at Raynes Park at the platform that I normally debark upon. The lovely Sandra was able to arrange an appointment to see a doctor, as her work colleagues hadn’t sorted out the blood test form. A long queue for the vampire phlebotomist downstairs and I was now on my way to Tesco. Soy Chai Latte with my remaining free Harris + Hoole coffee vouchers and a proper catch up with Narae while the adorable Benjamin squirmed in and out of the high chair for banana cake. I even managed to catch up with Jason doing his regular Thurs shop and bumped in to others that remembered me from when I used to work there. They were all very sweet saying how the standard had gone done since I left. I couldn’t/shouldn’t comment. Ah hem! :)In to London to visit the passport office, I was nervous and excited about the possibility of what might happen. While travelling, I had received correspondence with regards an application… I had been issued my Gender Recognition Certificate! (We went to The Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai the day I received the news and despite being hot & sweaty we were allowed in and celebrated with High Tea in a posh place.) The passport agreed that everything was now in order and they would issue a new passport with the correct gender marker. I was ecstatic! Phoning Katherine in Australia to tell her the good news, the adrenaline was still pouring through me hours later. As promised I bought a Cornish Pasty before heading home, but waited till getting back and heating it, to appreciate it in its fullest. I had to go back out and get some new passport photos (they are horrible) and I started dinner when I got back. With Ed and Narae at a parent/teacher meeting thingy, I watched Alex and zipped between kitchen and sitting room for a few hours. My lasagne was nowhere as good as it normally is, but I’m sticking with my excuse of having not really cooked in 8 months. Brilliant evening catching up with Ed and finally staying awake long enough to try and get over the jet lag. Thursday 16th June 2016

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